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Fractures aren’t all the same, and neither is how they’re treated. In some cases, caring for fractures requires more than a splint or cast. When treating fractures, Dr. Jaime Hernandez works closely with all types of patients to help them heal their fractures and help return them back to their pre-injury functional level without pain. Under his care, we can offer a range of fracture care and surgical options to promote proper healing and restore function.

Dr. Hernandez’s Approach To Fracture Care & Surgical Options

When the body experiences a fracture, it protects the injured area by forming a blood clot and callus, or fibrous tissue. In a normal healing situation, our bone cells start to develop along the fracture line, allowing them to grow together to close the fracture. However, in cases of complex fractures or fractures occurring from degenerative diseases, these fractures may not heal correctly or completely, causing further injury to the area, chronic pain, and other long-term complications.

Under the care of Dr. Hernandez, we can perform care for multiple types of fractures, including:

  • Simple fractures: These fractures occur when the pieces of bone are well-aligned and stable.
  • Unstable fractures: Unstable fractures where the fragments of the broken bone are misaligned or displaced.
  • Open (compound) fractures: Open fractures are severe fractures that cause the bone to cut through the skin, making it more prone to infection and requiring immediate medical attention.

When you choose to work with Dr. Hernandez, we can provide the following services:

Evaluation and Treatment Planning

Patients will receive a thorough evaluation of their medical history, current co-conditions, and fracture symptoms through his office. From there, diagnostic tests will be done to identify the extent of your fracture, and he will collaborate with other specialists to ensure an accurate diagnosis. 

Our Fracture Care Options

Our objective of early fracture management is to remove any source of infection, prevent further injury, and immobilize the fracture to allow it to heal, monitoring it over time. To achieve this, Dr. Hernandez and his team can provide ways to immobilize the fracture through either non-operative or surgical methods:

Non-Operative Therapy: Also known as immobilization, non-operative therapy refers to casting and traction. Casting uses splints and casts made of fiberglass or plaster to immobilize the affected area. Traction helps manage fractures and dislocations that cannot be treated by casting through traction tapes or pins inserted through the distal bone fractures.

Surgical Treatment Options

Open Reduction and Internal Fixation: Through open reduction and internal fixation, the fracture is treated by realigning the fractured bone fragment using metal plates, screws, or rods, providing stability, promoting proper bone healing, and allowing early mobilization.

External Fixation: Through this treatment. Dr. Hernandez works with external devices, such as pins, wires, or frames, to stabilize the fractured bone from outside the body to provide accurate alignment and stability to the affected bone.

Visit Dr. Jaime Hernandez Today For A Fracture Care Consultation

If you have experienced a fracture or need fracture care, Dr. Jaime Hernandez, MD, is here to provide expert treatment and personalized care. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jaime Hernandez, MD, and take the first step toward a full recovery.

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Restore Your Quality of Life with Board-Certified Care

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