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Jaime Hernandez MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon


What is Intelligent Orthopaedic Surgery?

Intelligent Orthopaedics is a new field that harnesses the latest innovations in sensors, accelerometers, microelectronics and wireless communications with the goal of improving healthcare outcomes and reducing the cost of treating musculoskeletal disease.
OrthoSensorTM, the leader in Intelligent Orthopaedics, has a portfolio of devices that provide real-time data to surgeons and hospitals.OrthoSensor’ssurgical instrument systems and implants are designed to enhance surgical implantation, as well as enable remote monitoring of implant function and overall musculoskeletal health.

What is OrthoSensor’sVERASENSETM Knee System?

OrthoSensor’sVERASENSE Knee System is used to ensure proper soft tissue balance and limb alignment during total knee arthroplasty (TKA). The first product in OrthoSensor’s line of intelligent Orthopaedic surgical systems, the VERASENSEKnee System takes knee replacement surgery to a new level of precision.

FDA 510(k) cleared, this intelligent instrument replaces the standard plastic tibial trial spacer that surgeons use to positionan implant during total knee replacement surgery. VERASENSESensors are embedded withadvanced proprietary sensor, accelerometer, microelectronic and communications technologies that provide surgeons with actionable data. The device quantifies and wirelessly transmits key, real-time information to a graphic display, enabling surgeons to visualize and quantify joint balance, alignment and load throughout a full range of motion.With this evidence, surgeons can make informed adjustments to optimize implant placement and enhance both clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Do Intelligent Orthopaedic devices change a typical surgical procedure?

The VERASENSE Knee System integrates seamlessly within the current surgical workflow. Data is wirelessly communicated in real-time and displayed on the VERASENSE Knee Application. VERASENSE does not change the existing surgical procedure in any way, except to provide the surgeon with vital, new data to insure proper soft tissue balancing and alignment of the knee.

What are the benefits of the VERASENSE Knee System?

The importance of proper ligament balance and implant alignment to maximize implant longevity is well understood in clinical literature. Improper soft tissue balance and mal-alignment causes approximately 36% of all premature implant failures, burdening the patient and requiring high cost revision surgery.

Until now, surgeons have lacked quantifiable data to optimize soft tissue balance and kinematics. Decisions concerning these factors have varied based on an individual surgeon’s judgment, experience and skill set. The VERASENSEsystem advances surgeon decision-making about crucial soft tissue adjustments from a feel-based art, to a quantifiable science.

It provides surgeons, hospitals and other healthcare providers access to real-time datato maximize patient care, improve and measure clinical outcomes, and lower costs related to implant failures and patients’ musculoskeletal health.

Why is soft tissue balance important?

Soft tissues, composed of tendons, ligaments and muscles, exert forces on the joint, enabling its movement.Proper balance of these soft tissues is critical for a joint implant to function correctly.If soft tissues are too tight, the joint cannot regain its full range of motion; if too loose, the joint may become unstable; if loaded excessively on one area, an implant will fail prematurely.

Who would be a good candidate for VERASENSE Knee Surgery?

Anyone who requires knee replacement surgery can benefit from the use of intelligent instruments, like the VERASENSE Knee System.

How much does a VERASENSE surgery cost?

TheVERASENSE Sensor is a low-cost, single-use instrument and does not impact the overall cost to a patient for knee replacement surgery.

Is the VERASENSE Knee System reimbursed by CMS? Private payors?

The VERASENSEKnee System is currently reimbursed by CMS and private payors through a DRG code, in the same way other disposable surgical supplies used during a total knee replacement procedure are covered.